Carer Support

Woodbrook Medical Centre would like to make sure that our patients who provide care to others feel well supported for their healthcare, emotional and social needs.

How do I know if i am a carer?

We describe a Carer as someone who looks after a family member, friend or neighbour, with that person relying on their care. You may do this full time or just for a few hours a week.

If you have caring responsibilities please contact the practice as soon as possible so that we can add an alert to your medical record. If we know that you are a Carer we will understand that you are likely to be under pressure at times and we may be able to offer you a more tailored service around your needs as a carer.

Health check-ups

Life can become very hectic especially if you have lots of caring responsibilities, but it's important not to neglect your own health needs. Attending appointments, check-ups and screenings is vital for yourself as well as any loved ones.

We know that carers sometimes carry on regardless through coughs, flu, stomach upsets and worse; but please don’t put off contacting us if you feel faint or dizzy or have unexplained or prolonged pains. Seeing your doctor can lead to the problem being dealt with more quickly and effectively. Even with minor illnesses, try and take some time to rest. Your body will have a better chance of making a quick recovery and you will have less chance of the illness lingering on.

Local support services for carers

VASL are a local support service who can offer help to carers over the age of 18. They can offer:

  • A dedicated telephone advice and support line so you can talk to a team of experienced professionals in confidence about any aspect of being a carer
  • Assistance in completeing a carers assessment
  • Information on carers support groups around the country
  • An informative website with self-help videos
  • Advice on any aspect of the caring role, including financial and legal assistance

To be eligible for help you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Care for someone over 18 years old
  • Care for someone who relies on you
  • Live in Leicestershire

To refer yourself to VASL either call 01858 433232 or use the link below:

Register for VASL

The Leicestershire carers directory may also provide you with useful information about help that may be available to you.

Leicestershire Carers Directory

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