Cervical Screening Questionnaire

Prior to attending the surgery for your smear test we need you to please answer the following questions. This is to keep your time at the surgery to a minimum to protect you and the clinician.

Can you please ensure we have the correct contact number and address for you.

HPV primary screening is a way of testing the sample of cells taken during cervical screening. A lab tests your sample for a virus called high-risk HPV. High risk HPV can cause cervical cell changes to develop onto cervical cancer over time. If you have high-risk HPV, the same sample will be tested for cell changes.

If you would like information regarding HPV testing or any other aspect of cervical screening please follow this link:


Cervical Screening Questionnaire
If you are pregnant you will need to rebook your smear test a minimum of 12 weeks after the baby is born
If the answer is yes you need to rebook after you are 12 weeks postnatal
If you are bleeding at the time of your smear you will need to rebook your appointment.
It is normal for your discharge to change throughout the month from white to clear and stretchy. If it is yellow/green with an unpleasant smell, brown/bloodied or you are experiencing itching or discomfort please let us know as you may require swabs.

If it is your first cervical screening, you feel embarrassed or worried, you have had a bad experience before, or you have experienced anything that makes the test hard for you please tell the person doing the test as this means they can try to give you the right support. If you don't feel comfortable saying something, try writing it down.

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